Become a pizza maker course code CA_063

Become a pizza maker course code CA_063



How could you make of your passion your own successful profession?….More competences, more opportunities…

A full immersion course to let you acquire all the competences needed to become a pizza maker, one of the most demanded job in the world.


On the fieldwork you will acquire  competence, quickness, and security for starting up with your own business or working in a restaurant.

This course may help you realize your personal goals seriously with no waste of time.


The best and most effective way to learn is to play! That’s why our professional trainers use playful methods that makes come out your potentiality and you can have fun at the same time.


Course structure

10 hrs of Theoretical formation

40 hrs of Practice laboratory

3 hrs of on-line formation

160 hrs of practice in a restaurant (optional)



The didactic program explain, besides the theoretical formation, the four fases of the elaboration process of pizza:



Theory: brief historical overview; study of commodities; ingredients (characteristics, choice and preparation), conservation techniques, H.A.C.C.P., presentation, management accounting, customer care.


1.the dough: different types of flour, kneading techniques (doses, leavening duration, position in the oven, etc);

2. spread the dough out: different techniques. Beyond the traditional rounded pizza there are many possibilities to expand the offer: baguettes,calzonis, pizza by the slices; stuffing: methods and styles;

3. cooking in different types of ovens.

Practice: knowing the dough (direct and indirect methods, whole wheat, soy flour, preparation, customization, correction and optimization), flours (types and characteristics), leavening  (doses, times and temperatures), maturation, portions, spreading out, stuffing, quickening, cooking (ovens and techniques), bakery products (bruschette, calzoni, panini, piadine, crescioni, pizza by the slices), decoration.

Assessment & accreditation


During the course teachers will be supervising student’s work and preparation.

At the end of it they will proceed with the assessment of competences, both theoretical and practical. The students will be verify their competences and knowledge acquired during the course by tests and a practical proof. In this one students must prepare an original product and a professional jury will evaluate their work . The judges will evaluate every work according to worldwide competition standards: taste, presentation and baking.



Once he passes the examination the student will receive a bilingual certificate according to the Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and Council of 7 September 2005 (Dlgs. 16 gennaio 2013, n.13) on the recognition of professional qualifications.


The course includes:

  • insurance coverage
  • chef uniform
  • theoretical and practical handouts
  • cooking material
  • cooking tools
  • HACCP food safety certification
  • a one month stage in a pizza restaurant
  • final certificate
  • continue tutoring all over the course
  • job interview class
  • customer care class
  • start-up class
  • PAI ( individual welfare project) schedule

Prices (all inclusive):

payment consists in three installment:


  1. 270,00€ the day of the inscription + 30,00€ association quote
  2. 600.00€ the first day of class
  3. 600,00€ before the last day of class

Banking details for credit transfer:

Payee: CSFO

IBAN: IT39 W 02008 62660 000040924774

reason: COD. CA_063 PIZZAIOLO 2015



Please, send us a copy of the payment:


For best info about course, payments & dates please contact: +39 0499101545